About Us

Sydney Building Projects Keeps Busy Clients Going

Sydney Building Projects was founded by Managing Director, Peter Dixon in 1994.  Peter’s initial qualifications and background in consultant project management and now 20 years as principal of a construction company give both an in-depth understanding of the Client’s needs and a wide experience of procurement options and construction alternatives.

This experience and the knowledge and talent of our dedicated staff at all levels, some with us for over 15 years, enable SBP to excel in the provision of construction solutions in difficult circumstances, particularly in occupied premises where the building users need to keep operating at full efficiency every day.

Our objectives are:

  • to operate with integrity
  • to produce work of the required quality within contract budgetary and time constraints
  • to provide services ranging from reactive maintenance for established clients to $5M projects to serve a broad range of a client’s needs. This is accomplished through the above qualities to maintain and broaden a client base while bringing their buildings to a state of excellence, particularly buildings used and seen daily by the general public in education, health and public service.

To achieve these objectives Sydney Building Projects abides by the following management principles:

  • commitment to close communication with the Client and Project Team
  • involvement of a Principal in all projects to maximise experience and authority
  • “Value Management” through advice on construction alternatives to benefit cost and program
  • close supervision of the works and the use of audited management systems to ensure tight control of safety, quality, environmental impact, cost and program

Installaltion of Anish Kapoor at sculpture at MCA

Anish Kapoor sculpture, too heavy to move across the old building floor to the gallery, slid by stealth in the dead of night through a new roof hatch into the Museum of Contemporary Art

Challenging installation of a sculpture at MCA

Challenging installation at MCA