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• Spectacle Island Building 37 Heritage Munitions Store to New Use

Spectacle Island end from sea

This design and construct project was to air condition and provide humidity control to this heritage 1913 munitions store on Spectacle Island.   The building had to provide conditions in which the Navy could store memorabilia including such delicate and priceless documents as the commissions of a number of early Australian Commodores.  The design phase involved definition, with our heritage consultant, of the parameters for the climate control installation to meet the heritage listing conditions both specific to the building and to the Island, and also the design of the plant, equipment and controls of the climate control system. While the building, being a munitions store, was of very substantial construction the steel blast panels in window openings and the roof structure, designed as the weak point in the event of explosion, are permeable and the building set only just above high tide.  This made achieving temperatures and humidity in which mold spores would not propagate in all seasons and 24 hours a day a major challenge, but one that was both fascinating and successful.

• VICTORIA BARRACKS – Building 111 – Services Upgrade in NABERS rated Green Building for Defence

Victoria Barracks installation of mesh sunscreen

This involved heat gain reduction film to windows, upgrading the Level 3 air conditioning in hardware and control efficiency, reinstating the natural ventilation system and stacks to full operation, installation of Cbus control and low energy lighting, 5 star instantaneous water heaters in place of storage heaters for the gym component, and replacement of corroding solar screening.

• Endeavour House Randwick

ndeavour House Galley

This was a design and construct contract for scoping and removal of asbestos cladding and insulation, design, approval and execution of repairs and protection to the steel structure while exposed and overall refurbishment of this mess hall, galley and recreation facility for Royal Australian Navy Officer Cadets while keeping the facility functioning throughout.  This involved staging the work to always keep space for a temporary kitchen and dining area serving 200 meals three times a day, several incarnations of a temporary bar and for a while temporary WC and shower amenities.

• HMAS Watson Security Gates, Spectacle Island Security Cameras 

HMAS Watson LHS Centre Lodge

For the Navy, this project was to install day and night cameras on Spectacle Island with fibre optic connection to the security room and hardware and software control and recording equipment to monitor the approaches to the island and to install both the electronic gates and the security monitoring cameras and recording and swipe security systems controlling the gates and recording all entering and leaving the entry to HMAS Watson on South Head.

• HMAS Watson – Refurbishment of Wardroom Galley, Bar & Lounge

HMAS Watson Galley

The Galley serves 200 persons three meals daily and caters for buffet functions of over 300 persons.

Complete strip out of fittings, appliances, ceilings, wall tiles and cool room.  Repairs to ceiling with set water resistant plasterboard and new sealed low energy trougher lighting.  New floor and wall tiling throughout with new S/S waste basket outlets.  New and modified stainless steel benches and appliances and the addition of make up and transfer air and alteration of galley/dining room access, all between the 15th December and the 12th January!


• Holsworthy Barracks – Tobruk & Jordan Lines Barracks Mess Buildings


This project was the internal and external refurbishment of two portal frame buildings of two Ordinary Ranks Barracks at the Holsworthy Army Base.  SBP renewed the roof coverings and all the internal wall, ceiling and floor finishes to the dining and galley areas, upgrading the commercial kitchen extracts, benches and equipment.