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• Aldi Baulkham Hills Stocklands – Entrance Alterations 

Aldi Baulkham Hills check out

Working at night and leaving the entry to Aldi clear of materials and tools with a minimal hoarding and relocated trolley bay to minimise the impact on daytime shoppers. We reconfigured the existing entry walls and trolley bay giving Aldi an increased “specials” sales area and one more till, matching all the existing finishes and generally refurbishing the area.

• Aldi Miranda – Floor and Ceiling refurbishments

Aldi Miranda WestfieldWorking through the night to ensure the Aldi stores could open next day without interruption; with security, access and alarm isolations negotiated with the shopping centres and the assistance of Aldi staff, SBP relocated stock, shelving, displays and tills and renewed the vinyl floor finishes, ceiling tiles and light fittings, the last with energy efficient units, including altering areas of ceilings to accommodate new food storage chillers, repairing defective elements and repainting damaged areas of columns and walls.


• MarketPlace Leichhardt – Escalator Renewal and Relocation

MarketPlace Leichhardt new escalators leading to Woolworths

MarketPlace shopping centre needed to renew their escalators and to move them close together to release rentable space for a kiosk on the lower level without adversely affecting the trading of the retail outlets around the escalators.  Out of hours and behind painted hoardings SBP made alterations to the power supply and installed new steel and concrete structures in the car park below the escalator base and in the ceiling void below the top of the escalators leading into Woolworths without impact on their use.  This minimised the time needed to re cast the concrete floor and pits and provide temporary balustrades and floor finishes so that the old escalators were removed and new escalators in place and commissioned with the public only redirected via nearby staircases for a few days.

There followed the remaining out of hours program of reinstatement of the terrazzo and timber floor finishes, wall and ceiling linings, steel and glass balustrading, lighting and fire protection services and the fitting off of hydraulic and electrical services for the flexible temporary vendor/function space in the enlarged open floor, all without noise or disruption of the daily operation of the adjoining tenancies.

• Southgate Shopping Centre – Food Court Upgrade


Three existing food court outlets and the food court itself needed to be upgraded urgently for the Christmas rush.  Demolishing the existing outlets and part of the back of house space SBP were able to create five new food outlets.  The power supplies were upgraded, negotiating transformer shutdowns with Woolworths, a key tenant, and a new air handling unit was installed in the loading dock area served by existing chilled water to provide greater conditioned and make up air quantities.  The existing kitchen extracts were inadequate for the new facilities and after establishing that the additional provisions could not be installed as designed due to structural constraints we provided the consultants with a design and construct solution to alter and upgrade the existing ducts using greater fan speeds and sound attenuation.  Throughout these works the remaining food outlets and greater part of the food court remained fully operational.